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If you are considering a new build or home renovation it can be challenging to find objective and impartial advice before you commit to a project.

We know the importance of understanding the Why as a conversation starter and we also know just how critical the guidance or the development of a brief for the purpose of building or embarking on a spatial renovation at home is. 

But we know how frustrating it can be to get this advice in an easy and cost effective way without fully engaging the services of an architect or designer. Welcome to our Masterclass ‘ Unlocking the potential in your space’, a video series that can be purchased and watched from the comfort of your space in your own time, at your own pace.

Delivered by qualified designers and architects we show you how to unlock your own potential and in turn your space. Together in a series of videos we walk you through the stages of early concept and developed design, showing you ways to discover your own design style, your own unique sensory experience for living and how great design comes together. From drawing a floor plan to understanding how to read your space from a light and orientation perspective, acoustics, colour, movement and proportion this comprehensive guide is both informative and fun and guaranteed to help you really unlock the potential in your space.

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