When things become hectic and disorganised in the home or workplace it can be hugely challenging and frustrating for everyone.

Needing to make changes is hard and even harder when you feel stuck and literally don’t know where to begin. You may verbalise it as ‘the flow is just not working’ or you may just feel exasperated regardless of how many times you have tried to re-decorate or tidy.

This service looks at ways to:

  • Make your space more efficient and every sq.m work for you.
  • Bring a household back together at meals or family time.
  • Make the running of the home more fulfilling, less time intensive and easier to manage.
  • Help you organise your storage according to as and when you need/ use it.

The session takes place in your home with Karen who has a Masters in Organisational Excellence and who loves nothing more than a good tidy up. Karen has worked as a coach for over 15 years so will help you understand why your space just isn’t working and provide solutions depending on your needs. Whether that’s a drawing for some new storage and to help you find somebody to build it or the best place to buy it off the shelf, a Kaizen event where she comes and helps you declutter and restore calm and organisation or help you take the next steps to extend or renovate by sourcing an architect, there are many solutions to help you find the flow in your home.

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